Monday, October 25, 2010


On July 22nd I offered to foster a tiny Chihuahua/Dachshund mix thinking she would get adopted in a few weeks. She had some fear issues with people, places and large dogs, although anything was larger then her tiny 5lb body. I took her to Agility trials and socialized her with the help of my friends. She has been attending ever puppy playtime during my puppy classes and sat on the sidelines during the other classes. She has become a bubbly fun little dog. She is operant and has shown some great athleticism doing flips and jump-flip-twist-push-of-your-leg-bounces. She sits, downs, rolls over, has an amazing recall and does some funky break dance routine when she feels she is waiting to long to hear the clicker sound.
After she got spayed and her her excess teeth pulled she amazed me with her tugging abilities.

Well, it is October 25th and she is still with me. So, I enrolled her in a basic manners class to get her Resume looking better. She is a very special dog and her future home will absolutely adore her.

Clicker Expo 2011

 Julie Vargas-Skinner
Emma Parsons

I signed up for the January 2011 Clicker Expo in Newport Beach, CA. This will be my fourth time attending. This year I will visit labs and lectures with Eva and Emily, Cecilie Køste and some lectures with Emma Parson and Ken Ramirez. I will visit with my daughter who is living nearby and hopefully get a ride to the Ocean. For me there is nothing more breathtaking then the Ocean. I miss it every day.
I am going to see some friends form SoCal and look forward in meeting new ones.