Friday, May 30, 2008

Clicker Training made Simple

  1. Click WHILE your dog is doing what you want.
  2. Always give a treat after you click.
  3. Treat as soon as possible after the click.

CU Class

I have decided to continue the CU class and start adding some agility elements to it. We have 3 new attendees to the group, and that is good for the repeat comers. New dogs, new people, no big deal. The issues of the dogs that are in class are, shy, fear with some fear aggression, inattentive, reactive. A bit of everything. I am trying to juggle the needs of Ryddick while I am helping others with some of the exercises they have to accomplish with their dogs. It is not impossible and I am actually doing a bit more crate work with him. Sure helps that everybody has read the book and is open to learn.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Needful Things

Easy Walk Harness
Halti or Gentle Leader

Sunday, May 11, 2008

10 Most Common Clicker Training Myths

  1. The clicker is a fad or gimmick
  2. Clicker training is to difficult for the average person so learn and understand.
  3. +R (positive reinforcement) takes much longer than traditional, force-based training.
  4. On training, the dog should never be given a choice
  5. Clicker training is too difficult because you must always have a clicker with you
  6. Clicker trained dogs won't work without food
  7. Behaviors taught using the clicker aren't as reliable as behaviors taught using force
  8. Clicker trainers let their dogs get away with bad behaviors
  9. Clicker training won't work for behavior problems like barking and aggression
  10. Clicker training does not teach dogs proper relationships with their humans