Friday, May 30, 2008

CU Class

I have decided to continue the CU class and start adding some agility elements to it. We have 3 new attendees to the group, and that is good for the repeat comers. New dogs, new people, no big deal. The issues of the dogs that are in class are, shy, fear with some fear aggression, inattentive, reactive. A bit of everything. I am trying to juggle the needs of Ryddick while I am helping others with some of the exercises they have to accomplish with their dogs. It is not impossible and I am actually doing a bit more crate work with him. Sure helps that everybody has read the book and is open to learn.


K9 Amiga said...

How old is Ryddick. He's beautiful.

Astrid said...

He is indeed a very handsome boy. The picture was taken when he was 8weeks old on a beach in San Diego, CA.
He will be 2 years 6-24-08!