Sunday, April 13, 2008

Agility With All

Yesterday I went to the Club's Agility practice. It was good. Ryker was exited to do the course. He nailed his weave entry, touched the contact zone and listened to me. I felt like I had control over where he was going.
Raygen, what can I say, he is always great. Rylie..... she had fun. I made her do some jump that she did not take. She is a Velcro dog if you have ever seen one. I basically have to go over the jump with her. Training her has been the most challenging.
Ryddick, I ran him in "public" for the first time. He was great. He stopped at the contacts, very nicely. He had a slight problem with the height of the A-Frame and went all the way into the dirt. I will accept that, to avoid shoulder injury. He confused the Teeter with the dogwalk and did a Luganis. I had him take it again and he was great. Can't wait o run him in a trial. Maybe the next ASCA trial.

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