Wednesday, April 16, 2008


After 5 rounds, Ryker's Uncle, NAC CH Super Star MACH 9 aka Stellar, has won the 20" AKC Invitational Agility 2007. You can watch it on Youtube. Note the barking while running. Not quite as dramatic as Ryker, but its there.
Stellar placed 3rd in the National Agility Championship in 2008 and was also the 2005 National AKC Agility champion both in the 24" class.
Linda and Stellar got 2nd place in the Maxi Team class in Norway at the 2007 World Agility Championship, where he has been shown since 2005.
He is on his way to MACH 10. I could never dream of getting that far. She truly is dedicated to the sport.

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