Monday, July 7, 2008

One Jump Training

The great thing about one jump training is
a) you only need one jump
b) you can do it in a small space.
Start out by shaping the jump (no bar). If done correctly the dog will love going through the uprights of the jump. Progress to the full jump height of the dog. I have been training this with Ryker to teach him not to knock the bar and he has greatly improved. Other exercises that helped are jump grids that are constantly adjusted in distance and height to make him think of where his takeoff points are. I am also doing these exercises with Ryddick to avoid having problems like I have with Ryker. Other important exercises are for the dog to read your body cues correctly. When to collect, when to extend, which jump to take first and where to go next, turns, pushes, pushes, FC and RC. Pretty easy, NOT.

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