Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Control Unleashed Seminar

Only a few more days until the CU Seminar. I love the book. Leslie has brought together some techniques from different resources and made it into a "program" that is easy to follow and it works. My favorite is the T-Touch. I have used it on my horses many years ago and it also helped Rylie with her knee and hip problems. Ryddick enjoys the different touches very much, too.I am really hoping this seminar will make an impact on people. There are far to many dogs that get treated using harsh methods. Not just chokes and prongs, but a correction can be very devastating to a dog that needs patience even a mild one. There seems to be a sense of hurry and impatience in this dog community. People ask themselves: What can the dog do for me? when it should be: What can I do for this dog? Actually very sad. I have started the 4th CU class last Tuesday and it has been a suggess. At the last Pocatello trial four CU dogs have earned new legs and three have earned new titles in Agility.I can't wait to meet Leslie.

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