Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Leslie And Bill McDevitt.......

........visited my home, the goats and the fowl.
They both enjoyed the goats and Bill took some really cute pictures. They played a bit of fetch with the dogs and we talked a little. Leslie was impressed with how much my friend and I have worked with our dogs. Getting them ready for live, training and even trialing. We have been in tune with our dogs and their needs and it hasn't been about getting them ready for trialing and exploiting them. There is no need to rush. We have nothing to prove. Leslie encouraged me to continue with classes and even do a workshop. That was pretty awesome. All my hard work is paying off.
Thanks Leslie and Bill for coming to Utah.


marie said...

Hey Astrid,

I didn't know that you had goats! My mom and dad have always raised dairy goats. Cool!

Astrid said...

My husband was tired of mowing the weeds, so he got 4 goats. Three are boys. They are cute and wehn I let them in the Agility yard they play with the equipment. Very funny!