Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Inconsistently Inconsistent

Being consistent is very important in dog training and behavior modification. Being unpredictable will create a confused dog. Sometimes we let the dog jump up and sometimes we don't, is just a small example of a problem behavior we create.
How to create a confused dog:
  • Be inconsistent all the time, but not always and don't do the same thing more then twice, only once in a while. Surprise your dog with different rules.
  • Use more then one command for one behavior. Come, could also be "get here", "now", "this instant".
  • Every human in the household should use a different word so the dog really learns better English, faster.
  • Don't enforce rules when you are to tired and change them at your convenience.
  • Every member of the household should have a different rule for the same behavior.

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