Friday, June 5, 2009

Jim Basic Seminar

I went to another seminar. This one was with Jim Basic from California. Sigh! I miss CA.
Him and Nancy Guyes have a series of training articles in the Clean Run Magazine that are very popular. Gamblers was the topic all three days. First day was all about foundation. Driving ahead, teaching the out, not loosing to much "real estate". I really needed to hear about the "real estate". Something simple that will determine a Q or a NQ.
Ryker was a working dog on day three. I felt a bit out of place as he was hyped to the max and even a simple wrap around the jump seemed to much for him. Being in the car the two previous days did not help.
In the end we were able to be were we needed to when the gamble whistle blew. I collected more training tools and will use them in my classes for anyone that is interested in distance games.
Next..... July Stacy Camp with Anne Braue, Stephanie Spyr, Karen Holik and Stacy

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