Friday, August 21, 2009

Effect of the Poisoned Cue

I recently met with a young man to test his dog for the CGC. On previous email correspondence he said that his dog was ready to take the test. When we met I was not very impressed with the dogs behavior. Testing has to be done without a prong. Once he removed the prong collar he had no control of his dog. He lunged at me and my dog Raygen. The sit and down where painful to watch. When the owner asked the dog to sit, he winced and slowly, very slowly sat down. He did the same when asked to lie down. This leaves me to believe that the cues were poisoned. When I asked him how he trained the sit he told me that he commanded the dog to "sitz" and he then pulled up on the dogs leash, while wearing a prong collar, until the dog sat down. For the down he would command the dog to "platz" and pull the leash down.
Clearly this dog was anticipating the pain of the prong. Very sad.

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Tawny said...

It's scary how many people don't see, or perhaps, convince themselves not to see, the inherent cruelty in training with aversives such as the prong collar. Glad to see some other bloggers, blogging for positive training techniques!