Sunday, March 30, 2008

Puppysitting Chocolate

I have a little visitor in my house. His name is Chocolate and he is a 9 month old Yorkie/Shi-Tzu mix. Only 7 lbs and so cute. He has been a student of mine since September of last year and attends Puppy Play on a regular basis. He is very well behaved. Angela, the owner, has been one of my best students and put a lot of work into training him basic manners. He doesn't jump up, he is good in his crate or ex-pen, he has been housebroken since he was very little and stopped biting at feet and hands. I introduced him to all my dogs and let him run around in the yard with Rylie, Raygen, Ryddick and Ryker. He likes Ryddick best and even played with in in my doggy playroom. I will post some more pictures of him playing with my big dogs soon.

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Astrid said...

Chocolate just got picked up and I already miss him. He was the perfect houseguest and Ryddick really liked playing with him. I am looking forward of seeing him again next week for Puppy Play.