Saturday, April 5, 2008


I have to travel so much more for trials here and I can never make it to any Flyball tournaments. The closest ones are in St. George, UT. 327 miles, almost 5 hours traveling. Yuk! But they happen to be on a date when there are Agility trials and AG comes first. I really don't have any dogs that are ready anyway. Rylie is on sabbatical from all competition. I may do some Agility and Rally in the future. I only need one more leg in Rally Advanced to get her RA title.
I am planning on getting Rykers RAE this year or early next year. I do have to travel to some OB/Rally trials to get some DQ's. I have 3 legs and here are my plans on getting other more....
May 1st
June 6/7/8
August 15/16/17
I should get it in August, but if I have to I will enter on September 12/13/14.
Otherwise I will do Agility with him in September.
I only plan on traveling to Idaho for Rally. Not sure if I am going to enter Obedience. So boring. Not sure what to think of it.
Raygen is on his way of getting his MACH. I am traveling to Idaho and maybe Wyoming. I hope to get it next year or maybe the year after that. It takes so many trials and there just aren't that many around here. I sure would have had a lot more in CA. So instead we do more local trials and that includes DOCNA and USDAA.

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