Saturday, April 5, 2008

Taro and Jiro

Been trying to re-home two 10month old GSD for the last month. They were born May, 3rd, 2007.
Abandoned by their owner and left to starve, a neighbor, Eugene, kept feeding them and they bonded very quickly with him. One day they got into his yard and his dog attacked one of them. Tatsue, his wife got in the middle of it to try and break it up. A bloody thumb caused some other neighbors to call an ambulance. They apparently called AC, since it was a dog bite incident. The GSD were hauled off to AC in Davies County. After 10 days they were bailed out by Eugene. Who put them back into the neighbors yard. He then called Anna, who called me, cause Eugene lives only 3 miles from me.

These dogs are so cool. They have never been exposed to anything and still have the nicest temperament. They are not food aggressive and love people.

Today I introduced them to Raygen, my mellow dog. First we separated them and put a GL on Taro. I then walked in with Raygen on the leash and Taro freaked out for about a second. Raygen gave him all the calming signals there are and Taro responded quite nicely. They sniffed and I took the leashed off and let them go. They played around the yard and chased each other. Taro never showed any aggression, whatsoever. He tried to mount Raygen once, but Raygen, off course, would not have it.

Then I switched with Jiro. It was a bit more tense. He really freaked out and with some help he calmed down and was able to be off lead with Raygen in the yard. He is very insecure and this could be a major problem finding him a new home. I am hopefully going to place Taro this week and then we can work on Jiro and his insecurities. This is going to be a challenge. I hope to be able to get him were he needs to be to get into a good home. Maybe I will brin ghim to the Club sometime for training. That might help him out some.

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