Thursday, April 3, 2008

Weave Training

My weave pole training journey started out with Rylie in 2004. Anne Platt was our trainer and she trains channel weaves, no guide wires. Phew! Rylie learned very quickly.

Raygen started out with the channel, too. I attended a training session with another trainer and she had put guide wires on the weave. Poor Raygen was afraid of them. As soon as we took them off he was fine. To this day he can find the most difficult entries to the weaves. It just came natural to him.

Ryker has been trained using the channel weaves, too. He was weaving when he was 9 months old, but I decided to stop until our first trial at 12 months. He sometimes hits them so hard that he bounces back from the second pole. He has to learn to control his speed going into the weaves.
Ryddick is the first of my dogs to learn the weaves with the 2x2 method. He too gets it pretty quickly. He is more cautious going into the weaves and I hope he can keep it that way until he gets older. I don't want to have another Ryker weave issue. At this point I am not in a hurry to trial him in Agility. I plan on starting him in Herding in a few weeks. but that is another post.

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