Saturday, March 29, 2008

Planned Rally and Agility Trials 2008

Here is a list of trials I have been to this year and upcoming planned trials.

January 12th and 13th, AKC Agility in Farmington, Utah
February 9th and 10th, ASCA Agility in Farmington, Utah
February 16th and 17th, AKC Agility in South Jordan, Utah
March 15th and 16th, DOCNA in Farmington, Utah
March 21/22/23, AKC Rally-Obedience, Farmington, Utah
April 26th and 27th, USDAA, Pleasant Grove, Utah
May 1/2/3/4, AKC Agility and Rally-Obedience, South Jordan, Utah
May 17th and 18th, ASCA Agility Pleasant Grove, Utah
May 24/25/26, AKC Agility, Sandy, Utah
June 6/7/8, AKC Rally and Agility, Farmington, Utah
June 12/13/14/15, AKC Agility, Blackfoot, Idaho
June 21/22/23, USDAA, Sandy, Utah

July 11/12, AKC Agility, Farmington, Utah
July 14/15/16/17/18 C Spot Win Camp, Laramie
August 1st and 2nd, ASCA Agility, Pleasant Grove, Utah
August 8/9/10, USDAA, Pleasant Grove, Utah
August 30/31 and Sept. 1st, AKC Agility, Sandy, Utah
September 12/13/14, AKC Agility and Rally Obedience, Farmington, Utah
September 26/27/28, AKC Agility, Pocatello, Idaho

October 4/5 Control Unleshed Seminar with Leslie McDevitt, Farmington
October 9/10/11/12, AKC Agility and Rally-Obedience, Boise, Idaho
October 24/25/26, AKC Agility, Rigby, Idaho
December 6th and 7th, USDAA, Farmington, Utah

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